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This is where I will be documenting my journey, my stuggles and my acomplishments on my life goal of climbing to the top of the highest peak in every state in the United States. Below is the map of all of the highest points in the USA.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Preparation Night

Super excited to start the trip tomorrow, gathering all supplies, packing all the food, and double checking we have everything. Got new hiking boots yesterday, wore them all day today. Hoping they won't cause problems later.

Picked up a new toy today. I plan on taking him on every high top trip. I picked it for lots of reasons....first off it green which is my favorite color, second off its small and light so it won't be too annoying to carry, and third its a turtle which represents that I am not the fastest hiker:) Hopefully it will be really funny as I climb the last high-point in Alaska, thinking about how far I will have come.

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