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This is where I will be documenting my journey, my stuggles and my acomplishments on my life goal of climbing to the top of the highest peak in every state in the United States. Below is the map of all of the highest points in the USA.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eagle Mountain

Well.... I DID IT!!!!!!!!!! I am amazed. The weather predictions were completely wrong. I was so nervous for this one, but I didn't give myself enough credit. It was in no way an easy hike, but I didn't give up like I have so many times before. Thinking back to past geology field trips and field camp, I missed out on some amazing things because I gave up. I am so glad that is past me, no more giving up:). It is a beautiful 70 degrees up here, almost no clouds. Feeing great! Got to meet my first highpointer other than John and I. She was almost done on her 46th state, talk about amazing!!


Location:Forest Route 153,Grand Marais,United States

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